What people are saying about Starfish

“In class, I just take time to love myself."—AS

“Attending class has been extremely beneficial....my depressed mood lifts, I feel rejuvenated, and I’m fully focused on the present.”—Heather

“I'm so grateful to Terésa for offering this incredible resource; it has become an integral piece of my recovery toolbox.”—SF

"This class just makes my whole soul feel good!"—Jackie

"Starfish offers a unique blend of movement, intentional writing and compelling affirmations, harnessing the capacity of the mind to rejuvenate the body and the heart. . . a powerful experience for trauma recovery and healing of all kinds.”

—Mariam I. Habib, LCSW
Mt. Sinai Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program

“Starfish classes have allowed my clients to connect with themselves and others after years of feeling alienated and fearful. Terésa’s incredible intuition and creativity confirm how well she understands the needs of clients in recovery.”
—Elena Hull, MA, LMFT, CAT
Clinical Director, Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy

"Starfish Body&Soul classes offer survivors opportunities to move beyond survival to a new level of awareness and joy in living. . . . We have witnessed women transforming their lives."
—Maile Zambuto, Executive Director
Joyful Heart Foundation

“I am so impressed with Terésa Stern's wonderful exercise class for survivors of violence! The journaling exercises and the affirmations spoken are beautifully tuned to help survivors focus on their recovery.”
—Wendy Suzuki Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neural Science and Psychology
New York University